Sunday, March 30, 2014

Overheard this week

My little daughter has to bring in a collection of 17 items this week.  While she was looking through her toys, one of my sons made a (very helpful!) suggestion:  "How about seventeen farts in a jar?"  That's how we roll around here, peeps, that's how we roll.  Farts are hilarious.

Another one of my four year old's bedtime blessings to me, said while tracing a giant cross over my whole face:  ". . .watch over mommy and graciously keep Your light shining upon her. . ." So sweet, the prayers of little ones!

My husband was praying with our boys the other night, and as usual, prayed for the future wives of the boys.  After the prayers, one of the boys said, "But what if I don't get married, dad?"  My husband pointed out that given the fact this particular boy has already had two girlfriends, he didn't think that was likely.  The boy quickly replied, "But maybe I'll go Paul on ya'll!"  Single or married, at least he has his biblical knowledge down pat!

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