Thursday, April 26, 2012

true love

My husband loves me.

Not a great revelation, you say?  Perhaps not, but how often do I take it for granted?  This morning I was pondering how blessed I am to have his love.  So, indulge me for a moment, while I consider the the ways he shows me he loves me.

He encourages me to try new things.

He does an elaborate bedtime routine with the kids (one I quickly lose patience with) without complaining.

He is always dreaming of vacations with just the two of us (and often making them happen).

He listens to me.

He would never complain, demean or belittle me to others, no matter how much I might deserve it!!

He has shouldered more of the family burden so I can do The Sound of Music.

He prays for me and our children daily, fervently.

He is driving 7 hours today (round trip) for a doctor's appointment for one of our children, since this is such a crazy time for me right now.

He loves my extended family.

He provides for us capably, and loves his vocation.

What a blessing his love is to me and our family!  Thank you God for this gift!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The hills are alive!


I have been cast as the Reverend Mother in our community theater's production of The Sound of Music.

Opening night is only 2.5 weeks away and I haven't quite had the courage yet to blog about it all, though it is quite the big deal in our house.

I can't exactly say why I haven't blogged about it yet, but here are my best guesses:
  • I am freaked out about not doing well.
  • Because I am in The Sound of Music, I have little free time to do anything else, such as blog (and dust my living room.  Okay, fine.  That might have nothing to do with the show).
  • I am freaked out about messing up and letting everyone down.  Oh - did I already mention that?
I tried out to be a nun in the chorus and was asked to play the Reverend Mother.  Aside from the fact that she is WAY OLD and I am but a mere spring chicken, I was honored and shocked (and possibly in shock the day I got the cast list).   I debated about saying no, no, I can't possibly do that role, thankyouverymuch. I have five kids, a busy husband, and have I mentioned I haven't acted since high school?  I said as much to my husband, who told me I was crazy (in a very loving way, of course).  "Why wouldn't you go for this?  Why wouldn't you try it?"  he reasoned in his very reasonable way.

So, as you already read, I went for it.

And I have to say, it's a lot of fun.  I have actually memorized the lines and songs, and am praying fervently they will not escape me when we perform.  I am acting with some amazing people, and our director is great with lots of encouraging advice.  The vocal coach has been oh-so-helpful in teaching this old dog new tricks, since it has been in the ballpark of twenty years since I had a voice lesson.

Might I suggest you follow every rainbow, till you find your dream?  I'm kinda living one right now.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Forty is FINE!

April 12th marked my husband's 40th birthday.  To celebrate, the kids and I gave him:

  • a small baggie filled with rocks and sign that said "40 ROCKS!"
  • 40 words to describe him in a word collage from wordle (which I highly recommend - go check it out!)
  • 40 beers for 40 years. I know.  Hokey title.  I had to call a friend to help me with the beer selection. I think my dear hubby is set for awhile now in the beer department.  And also we are broke.
  • a fire pit, which has nothing to do with 40 years, but hopefully will be enjoyed (for 40 fires?)
My husband took the day off and he and I went to two wineries for the afternoon.  We ate gourmet food, we lounged outside in the sun, we finished our sentences, we drank fine wine, we enjoyed a rich dessert,  we took a long leisurely walk through the vineyards, we had a marvelous time together.  

If this is what being 40 is like, I can't wait till I join him in the 40 club - one year from today!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

A lullaby to Jesus

As I was working in the upstairs bedrooms, I heard my little daughter softly singing in her room.  I peeked oh-so-quietly into her room to find her sitting in her glider, rocking her Little People Jesus figurine.

She was cradling Jesus in the manger, while singing him a lullaby.  She doesn't fully understand Jesus yet and gets confused when we say He is here, since she can't see Him.   But she does understand that He loves her, and that we are blessed to love Him in return.

Praise God!