Saturday, June 25, 2011

Vacation by the numbers

We just returned from an epic (I used that word before it was cool, by the way) vacation out west. Here's a numeric summation, in no particular order:

4 campgrounds in 2 states
2000 arches in Arches National Park
6 miles of strenuous hikes (at least to this middle aged mama!)to see two of the aforementioned arches
$10 in award money to my 6 year old son for returning a woman's purse
6 states
38 degrees on the coldest night - brrr!!
30 mph winds in our desert campground
2 friends' houses, warm with hospitality
12 Hershey's bars eaten via S'mores
2 distinctive dinosaur tracks
30 minutes looking for my husband's sunglasses (15 of which were not his fault, as the sunglasses the entire family were looking for were right next to one of the (oblivious) children
22 days
10+ stops at McDonald's for a Coke for me and an iron punch for my son (if you haven't experienced an iron punch, you haven't lived. Perhaps I'll post a pic soon. . .
10 fish caught by my excited boys (and husband and friends)
5 kids (who sometimes sounded like 10)
64+ hours in the car

And most importantly, hundreds of memories. I am thankful to my husband for planning such an adventure. Most everyone thought we were crazy to embark on such a trip (us too, at times!), but it turned out to be an amazing vacation.