Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rock Bottom

Last night my three year old came downstairs, boo-hooing about losing her favorite rock.  That she sleeps with these days.  And could I pwease, pwease come look for it for her?

I was in the middle of sorting through memorabilia to clean out the basement, and was under-inclined to go upstairs and embark on a futile search for a rock.  So I suggested that I would look in our junk drawer (don't judge me - it gets worse!) to see if we had a rock in there.

And guess what?  We did.  A small, baby rock to her newly-named Momma rock upstairs, but a rock just the same.

And now I am that kind of woman, mother.  The Mom Who is Likely To Have a Rock in her Kitchen Drawer (now is the optimal time to judge me).

I can't tell you why there was a rock in there, or why I thought it was plausible that there might be one!  But nonetheless, a "sweet baby rock" was found, and daughter happily scampered back up to bed.

So I say, "Mommy for the win!"

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

All washed out

Have I ever mentioned my relationship with the laundry?  No?

Well, I kinda like it.  Yes - it's true!  Women out there who are thinking I have lost all credibility (assuming I ever had any!), don't lose heart.  I hate most every other household chore, including, but not limited to:  bathrooms, dusting, sweeping the kitchen floor (700 times a day!), washing the kitchen floor, washing the cabinets, washing the windows. . .well you get the idea.

But the laundry, the laundry is so nice and rewarding.  I do laundry only on Mondays and Thursdays, so if you live in my house and you didn't get your favorite Nike shirt to me by Sunday or Wednesday nights, you're outta luck.  I always remind the children they are welcome to operate the washing machine themselves (no takers as of yet on that opportunity).

Since I complete it all on those two days, when I am finished, all the children's baskets are lined up by the front door and the laundry room is neat and tidy.  Nary a dirty sock in sight.  It's a beautiful thing.  And when I walk by the laundry room (which I do about 143 times a day) on say, Saturday, I know that I do not have to go in and do any switching, folding or hanging.  What can I say - that makes me happy.

So you'll understand, dear reader, why the following addition to the heretofore nonexistent decor in my laundry room has brought me such happiness today.  For about $5, I get to see this every time I enter.  And it makes me smile.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Put me down!

So the other day, I stumbled across a pin on Pinterest (you've heard of it, right?  That all-encompassing, time-wasting site that makes one feel like a pathetic mom who doesn't cook amazing meals and wow one's children with creative crafts?  Oops - sorry, I digress.  ).

Anyway, there was a pin for this:

Yep.  Genius, eh?  I was quite intrigued and showed all the children, since one child, who shall remain nameless, neither flushes nor puts the seat or lid down.  NEVER.  EVER.

All the kids in the near vicinity thought it was hilarious, and I, being the cheapskate I am, was considering how to make it myself instead of spending the $5 on Amazon for the decal.  So I began thinking through the possibility of thoroughly sanitizing the seat, then writing the words in permanent marker and then throwing the marker away for good measure.  While I was working out my plan, the non-flushing child appeared and saw the picture.

"What's that?" said he.

I explained the idea, and how I thought it would be great to remind him to flush and put the seat down. He was immediately adamant that it was not necessary.  "But you never flush or put the seat down!  Won't this be helpful?"

He insisted that he would try harder to remember without the strategically placed words.  Dubious, I decided to let it go (because really, how crafty am I and when was I going to get around to it anyway? Did you read that part above when I tipped my hand about my Pinterest angst?)

This was a day or two ago, and do you know what, dear reader?  That child has faithfully flushed and put the seat down every time.  I'm still in a bit of awe.  

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Five things I'm lovin' right now

In no particular order. . .

1.  Downton Abbey!  I have been sucked into all the tradition and romance and beauty of this show.  I may or may not have watched two whole seasons in the period of a week.  Don't judge me!

2.  My (almost new) living room.  After fourteen years of living with burgundy carpet on the floor and Smoker Cream paint on the walls, the room is getting new paint and new carpet.  I cannot fully express my joy.

3.  My British accent.  I have been perfecting it while watching Downton.  The kids and my husband are oh-so-pleased to hear it frequently.

4.  McDonald's Southwest Salad.  Okay, how lame is this one?  I know, I know!  But we are trying to eat more healthfully, and this salad is seriously good.  No lie.

5.  Our new shelving units.  We got four huge shelves that have revolutionized our house.  Our basement playroom has never looked so organized!  The boys' room is roomier now, and my eldest daughter's room got an extreme makeover (read: serious purge) upon the arrival of a set to her room.  Win!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Price is Right!

I haven't posted for awhile and that's because I've been. . .shopping!  Well, not really all this time, but today I was!  My little K and I headed to Barnes and Noble, where she played with toys while I browsed and enjoyed soaking up the bookstore experience.  All the beautiful books, fresh and untouched.  The feel of the pages and the binding in my hand.  Really, it's an experience.   I could spend hours in there, taking only the occasional potty break.  (Today we took two.  In a forty-five minute period).

Then we headed to Kohl's, another of my favorite spots.  (It is possible that I enjoy shopping just a little too much and might need an intervention.  I am aware of this.)  I needed a couple items, and had some time to spare before picking up the kids.  Before long, I had amassed the following:

Just in case you can't fully see all the items, I will give you a run down.  I know you're dying to hear all the juicy details of my sweet deal.  You are, aren't you??

4 pairs of uniform pants
2 turtlenecks
1 men's sweater
2 hooded women's sweatshirts (that I have had my eye on since Nov. and stumbled upon today)
1 kangaroo stuffed animal for K

And - the grand total was. . . $37!

Ah, shopping.  One of life's supreme joys.