Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Price is Right!

I haven't posted for awhile and that's because I've been. . .shopping!  Well, not really all this time, but today I was!  My little K and I headed to Barnes and Noble, where she played with toys while I browsed and enjoyed soaking up the bookstore experience.  All the beautiful books, fresh and untouched.  The feel of the pages and the binding in my hand.  Really, it's an experience.   I could spend hours in there, taking only the occasional potty break.  (Today we took two.  In a forty-five minute period).

Then we headed to Kohl's, another of my favorite spots.  (It is possible that I enjoy shopping just a little too much and might need an intervention.  I am aware of this.)  I needed a couple items, and had some time to spare before picking up the kids.  Before long, I had amassed the following:

Just in case you can't fully see all the items, I will give you a run down.  I know you're dying to hear all the juicy details of my sweet deal.  You are, aren't you??

4 pairs of uniform pants
2 turtlenecks
1 men's sweater
2 hooded women's sweatshirts (that I have had my eye on since Nov. and stumbled upon today)
1 kangaroo stuffed animal for K

And - the grand total was. . . $37!

Ah, shopping.  One of life's supreme joys.


Heather said...

Love a good deal! That's awesome! That being said, I have the ultimate cure for excessive shopping...your husband taking a call to small town with no internet. Seven years later I am almost cured!
Blessings on your day and the ones who will wear those clothes.

ccjmommy said...

Impressive!!! Did you buy clearance items plus coupons?

mammamilk said...

Heather - that would certainly do it!!
CCJmommy - everything on supreme clearance with an additional 25% off, plus a 20% off coupon. I was very happy of course!!

Tromos said...

It's probably very telling that the only thing most of my children know of Kohl's is that daddy often mumbles something about taking them to the Kohl's parking lot. They have no idea what's so special about the Kohl's parking lot, but they are pretty sure they don't want to find out.