Friday, January 18, 2013

Put me down!

So the other day, I stumbled across a pin on Pinterest (you've heard of it, right?  That all-encompassing, time-wasting site that makes one feel like a pathetic mom who doesn't cook amazing meals and wow one's children with creative crafts?  Oops - sorry, I digress.  ).

Anyway, there was a pin for this:

Yep.  Genius, eh?  I was quite intrigued and showed all the children, since one child, who shall remain nameless, neither flushes nor puts the seat or lid down.  NEVER.  EVER.

All the kids in the near vicinity thought it was hilarious, and I, being the cheapskate I am, was considering how to make it myself instead of spending the $5 on Amazon for the decal.  So I began thinking through the possibility of thoroughly sanitizing the seat, then writing the words in permanent marker and then throwing the marker away for good measure.  While I was working out my plan, the non-flushing child appeared and saw the picture.

"What's that?" said he.

I explained the idea, and how I thought it would be great to remind him to flush and put the seat down. He was immediately adamant that it was not necessary.  "But you never flush or put the seat down!  Won't this be helpful?"

He insisted that he would try harder to remember without the strategically placed words.  Dubious, I decided to let it go (because really, how crafty am I and when was I going to get around to it anyway? Did you read that part above when I tipped my hand about my Pinterest angst?)

This was a day or two ago, and do you know what, dear reader?  That child has faithfully flushed and put the seat down every time.  I'm still in a bit of awe.  

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