Thursday, January 17, 2013

Five things I'm lovin' right now

In no particular order. . .

1.  Downton Abbey!  I have been sucked into all the tradition and romance and beauty of this show.  I may or may not have watched two whole seasons in the period of a week.  Don't judge me!

2.  My (almost new) living room.  After fourteen years of living with burgundy carpet on the floor and Smoker Cream paint on the walls, the room is getting new paint and new carpet.  I cannot fully express my joy.

3.  My British accent.  I have been perfecting it while watching Downton.  The kids and my husband are oh-so-pleased to hear it frequently.

4.  McDonald's Southwest Salad.  Okay, how lame is this one?  I know, I know!  But we are trying to eat more healthfully, and this salad is seriously good.  No lie.

5.  Our new shelving units.  We got four huge shelves that have revolutionized our house.  Our basement playroom has never looked so organized!  The boys' room is roomier now, and my eldest daughter's room got an extreme makeover (read: serious purge) upon the arrival of a set to her room.  Win!


Elizabeth A said...
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mammamilk said...

Thanks for your comment, Elizabeth! :)