Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A Tervis nation

My mom and dad decided to introduce our family to The Tervis Cup.  Over the course of a year, all of us have received one for our birthdays.  Son number one just received his last week, making our Tervis nation complete.  We have been Tervis-ed!  We have many Tervi.  Have you tried one yet?  They keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.  Seriously.

Thanks mom and dad!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Seven Things I'm Lovin' Right Now

In no particular order:

7.  My oldest son, who turns eleven on Friday.  What a blessing he is in our lives!

6.  The crisp, fall air and wearing jeans and sweaters.

5.  Our crazy, busy schedule that is constantly keeping me on my toes.  I'll admit this is a love-hate relationship.  BUT - in general, I would rather be busy than bored.

4.  Our gift of eternal life.  Of late we have witnessed several saints go home to Jesus.  What a blessing to know they are with their Lord and that we will be with them again someday!  Praise God!

3.  My six year old's gap-tooth smile.

2.  Vacuums with no clogs.  I currently do not own one of these.

1.  This:  When I am walking with my children, if I place my hand at my side with my palm facing backward, it will be filled with a little hand.  Each time the little (or not so little, sometimes) hand grasps mine, my heart jumps for joy.  Bliss.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Life has been hairy around here lately, leaving me little time to write.  School schedules, soccer, piano, doctor's appointments, and a lovely trip for my husband and me to northern Michigan has occupied much of my time.  Slowing down doesn't seem to be an option!  I don't fully mind, though.  I'd rather be busy than bored.  So I am trying to enjoy these mom-as-taxi years of homework and lessons and chores and practices.  I know they will pass by very quickly!

Here's a little gem from one of my young'uns (it shouldn't be hard to guess which one!):

"Hey mom?  Is there a book called The Hideous Hedgehog??"

Sadly, no.  But I suggested he write it.