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Thanks for dropping by mammamilk!

I'm mammamilk - I have a real name too, but calling myself by an alias makes me think my life is much more exciting than it really is.  Sometimes it's the little things!

This blog is all about life in our house.  It's crazy, it's loud, it's dangerous and sometimes stinky, it's exhausting yet fulfilling.  It's home.  And I wouldn't want it any other way.

I have been married to my husband for 20 years and still think he's amazing.  At the very least, he has put up with me for so many years and so deserves some credit for that!  In all seriousness, he is my rock, my safe place, my sounding board.  I can't imagine this roller coaster life without him!

We have five kids, ranging in age from 7-17.  Our oldest and youngest are girls, with three boys in the middle.  God must really think I need a good lesson in patience!  We love watching these little people emerge into young adults and seeing their personalities blossom.  Each one is so incredibly unique and brings us so much joy!

I love to share our family's funny stories and print them into blog books every year for the kids to look back on.  It's a great family game to figure out which kid was 5 in 2009 and did the ridiculous thing I chronicled in the blog.  The blog is a record of our family's stories and my brain activity about a whole host of topics, mostly pertaining to parenting, but I make no promises.

So pull up a chair (recliner preferably), grab a drink (perhaps a Coke Zero?) and stay awhile.  It's good to have you here.

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