Wednesday, September 7, 2011

For the love of the child

Today, while running mundane errands with my 2 year old daughter, I was overcome with love for her. This sweet child, whose verbal skills are becoming good enough to rival a professional orator, has captured our hearts completely.
She is so grown up for two! Maybe that comes from having so many older siblings - I do recall her older brother, child #4, also seeming very old very early. Time is flying so quickly! Because we feel that she will be our last child, I am trying to savor these precious minutes with her and soak it all in.

***I interrupt this gushy love post because said two year is still awake in her room and just poked her head out again. Sigh.***

Where was I? Oh yes - a love fest for my sweet little girl. As I look upon her tiny face, I am reminded of this overwhelming feeling I had (and still have!) for all my children. How I adored them all, just for being themselves! What gifts children are from our loving God. Thank you, thank you, Lord, for entrusting them to us! Make me worthy of the task!