Thursday, January 24, 2013

Rock Bottom

Last night my three year old came downstairs, boo-hooing about losing her favorite rock.  That she sleeps with these days.  And could I pwease, pwease come look for it for her?

I was in the middle of sorting through memorabilia to clean out the basement, and was under-inclined to go upstairs and embark on a futile search for a rock.  So I suggested that I would look in our junk drawer (don't judge me - it gets worse!) to see if we had a rock in there.

And guess what?  We did.  A small, baby rock to her newly-named Momma rock upstairs, but a rock just the same.

And now I am that kind of woman, mother.  The Mom Who is Likely To Have a Rock in her Kitchen Drawer (now is the optimal time to judge me).

I can't tell you why there was a rock in there, or why I thought it was plausible that there might be one!  But nonetheless, a "sweet baby rock" was found, and daughter happily scampered back up to bed.

So I say, "Mommy for the win!"

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Heather said...

Ear plugs, a die, small pieces of panneling from our wooden doors,and parts to a car seat (I don't know which one,)among about a million other things. No judgement here, if anything, who are those women who have a place for everything, even those little pieces of a toy or some electronic gadget that you are certain you will need someday even though you have absolutely no idea what it is, and have no need for a junk drawer?
There is no shame in having an extra rock just lying around for emergencies such as these!