Thursday, April 26, 2012

true love

My husband loves me.

Not a great revelation, you say?  Perhaps not, but how often do I take it for granted?  This morning I was pondering how blessed I am to have his love.  So, indulge me for a moment, while I consider the the ways he shows me he loves me.

He encourages me to try new things.

He does an elaborate bedtime routine with the kids (one I quickly lose patience with) without complaining.

He is always dreaming of vacations with just the two of us (and often making them happen).

He listens to me.

He would never complain, demean or belittle me to others, no matter how much I might deserve it!!

He has shouldered more of the family burden so I can do The Sound of Music.

He prays for me and our children daily, fervently.

He is driving 7 hours today (round trip) for a doctor's appointment for one of our children, since this is such a crazy time for me right now.

He loves my extended family.

He provides for us capably, and loves his vocation.

What a blessing his love is to me and our family!  Thank you God for this gift!

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