Friday, April 4, 2014

Random Thoughts on a Blustery Friday Afternoon

In no particular order of importance in my (scattered) brain, especially since none of the following observations are of any importance at all:

My children have been trained by Disney DVD, in the manner of Pavlov's dogs.  When watching a Disney movie, when the children hear "Fast Play", they all dash to the DVD player to push play.  Because everyone knows that "Fast Play" is, in essence, "Slow Play" and shows about a million trailers before starting the feature.

A couple of things I don't understand about Facebook:  I realize I am not a hipster, but why must young people call their boyfriend or girlfriend Boo and Baby on Facebook?  In all honesty, I once read a status in which someone called their significant other Baby.  I was legitimately confused, thinking they had a baby I was unaware of.  Help a girl out, people.  Call your boyfriend by name!  And the other thing - check-ins.  Why is that necessary?  I watch people check into Walmart, the dentist, a restaurant, the Carribean.  It's good to know where everyone is at every second of the day in case I might need to track down the girl who I worked with in 11th grade, but it just seems like overkill to me.  And perhaps dangerous?  It seems like a bad idea to advertise to 500+ people that your house is currently unsupervised.  Maybe it's just me.  Re:  I am not a hipster.

You will be oh-so-happy to hear, dear reader, that I can now listen to/watch "Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?" without crying.  This only took me about 25 tries.  I feel ridiculously proud about it.  I just knew you would too.

And another thing about Frozen.  Have you noticed how many times the characters say "Wait, what?"  I have.  It's a lot.  Trust me.  Or don't and watch it for yourself.

The weather today is disgusting.  Windy, cold and rainy.  Better than snow, yes, but seriously.  My flip-flops really want to be worn.

Wow.  There is a whole lot of nothing in this post.  To the few of you who made it this far, I'm truly impressed.

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