Tuesday, February 26, 2013

I'm not feeling the love

While I was sick over the weekend, the kids watched the movie Hop.  Since I had absolutely no energy, I was held prisoner and forced to watch it too.  During one scene, the main character (who turns out to be the first human Easter bunny - this is an amazing film) is house sitting for his sister's boss.  She tells him to be very careful in the house, because her boss loves his house more than he loves his children.

I looked up at my eight year old and said, "Me too.  I love my house more than my children."

He smiled and said, "No you don't, Mom!"

I started to smile and was about to respond that nothing could ever be more important than my children, gush gush, love love, mush mush.  When he continued with, apparently seriously:

"Our house is way too messy."

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Shannon Popkin said...

I love this, Shelley! TOO FUNNY!! :) (Maybe we could use this one as a yellow ball post??? :)