Saturday, March 11, 2017

Lost and Fit

Several weeks ago, I blogged about how I got a Fitbit Flex 2 for freeeee!  Yes, our insurance has paid us for good habits for several years, and this year upped the ante slightly and gave us the option of getting a Fitbit or the like.  So, of course I ordered one, and got my husband to order one too.  Who doesn't love free stuff??

So, my Fitbit has been attached to my wrist, monitoring all manner of things. . .sleep, steps, miles, caloric intake (with my help on the app), calories burned, etc.  It's been interesting watching all the data each day.  When Ash Wednesday rolled around, I decided to add to my Lenten disciplines that I would achieve 10,000 steps each day.

Some days, that's been easy (the days I work), and other days, a bit harder.  On days I'm off and primarily doing paperwork and laundry, I find myself at the end of the day with a couple thousand steps to take.  So my kids (and husband) have laughed at me as I will, mid-conversation, start walking in place (admittedly, I do this in a rather over-the-top way).  I also have discovered that I can walk laps in my house** and rack up the steps pretty quickly.  On any given night, you could come to my door and see me speed-walking circles in my living room and hallway.  I'm fun at parties.

Last week, I was sorting through some clothes in my boys' closet and doing other various chores upstairs.  I headed down some time later and realized (to my horror!), that the tiny Fitbit was missing from my wristband.  Retracing my steps (and fearing that it had fallen in the washing machine), I looked all around the upstairs and shook out all the wet laundry in the washing machine, to no avail. Because I am super smart, I realized I could look at the app and see if/when the Fitbit had fallen asleep.  Piecing together the time it had fallen asleep and a phone call I received, I was pretty certain I was in my sons' room when it had fallen out.  But I couldn't find it, and I was stymied as to how to find it.

Enter - my teenage daughter, who had just arrived home.  I lamented to her about my desperate situation, and within in two seconds, she said, "I'll just text it and it'll vibrate!".

Oh my.  So much for super smart.  We started in the boys' room and after several texts from my daughter (all consisting of different colored hearts πŸ’œ πŸ’š πŸ’› πŸ’™ ), I pinpointed the vibration sound and found the tiny Fitbit.  Kids -- when did they get smarter than me?

I wear it tighter now, to escape random slippage and minimize loss.  So far so good.

**When I was a child, I used to envy people who had a circular floor plan.  We lived in a ranch that had an uninspiring floor plan in my young mind, and I thought it would be living the dream to be able to walk a lap, or even more amazing -- a figure-eight! -- in your own house!  I am happy to report, I am now living the dream. #whoknewlifecouldbelikethis

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Kari H said...

This has hit home....I had to laugh as I am doing the same thing. Tonight for's 11:30 which is late for me to still be up even on a Saturday....realized I didn't get my 10,000 steps or my calories in today so I decided to run the stairs and jump on our elliptical. My kids are asking what I'm doing...and Matts in bed eating Oreos ��. Needless to say I met my goal for today even if it's at 11:45 at night!