Sunday, March 19, 2017

Bits and Pieces #18

  • Brace yourselves, delicate readers.  I am going to start this blogpost out with a disgusting Shadow report.  We had snow this week, which seemingly causes our annoying beloved dog to have temporary amnesia.  He appears to forget where we have grass and where we have  decking.  And since he is inherently lazy, he only walks out a few feet from the back door when we have snow on the ground, and does his business right on the (snow-covered) deck.  The piles of poo get buried under the snow and we don't always know they are there until the snow melts.  Then we look out our kitchen window (appetizing) and see all the poo on our deck.  And this time, as I gazed upon the sight, I noticed that all three piles were riddled with orange nerf darts.  Our stupid dog eats the tips off of nerf darts like they are candy, and then poops them out for our viewing pleasure.  He's thoughtful like that.
  • On Ash Wednesday, one of our sons decided that he was going to give up eating breakfast for Lent.  My husband and I told him we didn't think that was a good idea -- we didn't want him giving up something that might cause him harm, we said.  He quickly retorted - "Do you think dying on the cross was good for Jesus?"  
  • My daughter is reading The Grapes of Wrath for school.  One of the younger siblings, however, quickly nicknamed it The Peaches of Anger.  I think it's catchy!
  • Some of my children had a rough day on Saturday, and as a result, lost all screens for an indeterminate amount of time.  This edict was not well received.  An hour or so later, another child (not in the no-screens-camp), wanted to use the TV and Apple TV, but it appeared the batteries were missing. Upon further inspection, we realized that all the remotes (including the tiny Apple TV one) had no batteries.  It seems that one of the punishees was a little miffed and removed all the batteries in every remote in the room.  Said child was no longer angry when this was discovered and was apologetic and helpful in replacing them all.  
  • Awhile ago, I received two $1 bills as change.  I noticed right away that they were different than regular $1 bills, so I looked a bit closer at them and discovered they were issued in 1957! I was fascinated thinking about their history -- where they had traveled for all those years.  Both of them are in remarkably good shape, so I wonder if they were out of circulation for a number of those years.  Still - if money really did talk -I bet it would be an interesting tale!

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