Thursday, March 30, 2017

Memes for Me!

If you have any teenagers, you probably know what a meme is.  I first heard the word a few years ago and was stymied with how to pronounce it.  Was it mee-mee?  Or meh-mee?  My teens quickly set me straight:  It is pronounced meem.

I run across memes when I scroll through Facebook and they often make me smile.  Here are a few that came across my feed:

I love this one!  The original "Little Old Woman" rhyme always annoyed me, and I felt like it gave big families a bad name.  But this one is lovely and reminds us that God always provides. ❤️

But in a similar vein, the above meme is also true. . .and I happen to have just the right number of kids to hit rock bottom.  But just because I morph all their siblings' names into their own name (finally, and with frustration!), doesn't mean I have too many kids.  It just means my brain is tired.  Hey - I'm getting old.

Yup.  And I might sometimes call it chaos too. . .but I wouldn't have it any other way.

And finally, this one.  I love this sentiment.  I looked it up to verify its origin, and although it is a slight paraphrase, the meaning holds fast.  Sometimes we as mothers and wives might feel like we are drowning in household affairs, with little meaning to any of it.  But it is here, in our homes, with our families, that God calls us!  In our ordinary lives, full of cleaning and diapers and toddlers and teenagers, God calls us to holiness! So offer your work up to Christ, mammas!  We are right where God calls us to be. ❤️

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