Thursday, September 25, 2008

Self diagnosis

I have a sickness. I have had this sickness for awhile, but I have been in denial. Today, I made a step toward getting well. I accepted that I have a problem.

I cannot leave short voicemails.

There. I said it. I can't deny it any longer. It is out in the open.

I am unable to leave succinct messages. I feel I must ramble on with the entire content of my call. I can't say, "I have a question, call me back!", in a cheery voice. I must wax eloquent about the subject at hand. I have tried, oh I have tried self-help techniques, but to no avail. Before leaving a message, I chant to myself, "You are a strong, confident woman. You CAN leave a message that is less than three minutes long. GO YOU!!". It doesn't matter. I still prattle on in a mind-numbing fashion.

Those of you have been on the receiving end of one of these soliloquies know. You have rolled your eyes at me and sighed loudly, wondering when (or if) my message will ever end. To those of you who have felt this pain, I apologize.

Step one is always realizing you have a problem. Perhaps sometime in the future I will move on to step two, which is actually attempting to solve your problem. For today, acceptance is all I can handle.


KIM :-) said...

This must be hereditary!! HAHA I can talk to a voice mail/answering machine for hours (well, minutes, but hours sounded better). ;-)

ccjmommy said...

I fall into the "stalker" category because I talk so long that I get cut off. Then I call back to finish my message... definitely "stalker" territory!

musicgirl said...

Thanks for giving me proof to show my friends that I am not the only one with this problem!

mammamilk said...

Thanks kim, ccjmommy and musicgirl! It's good to know I'm not alone! Maybe we can all get therapy together. . .some other day.