Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I scream, you scream. . .

I have just witnessed THIRTY straight minutes of hysterical screaming tantrum from my two year old. This is very out of character for him. Daddy and the older two kids left, and he was great. I put him in his highchair to feed him the granola bar he requested, and his beverage of choice, juice. At this point, he lost it. Out of control screaming, refusal of the coveted sippy cup and granola bar. I tried everything (and so did his brother - it was sweet) I could think of to make him stop. I had taken him out of the highchair during the pandemonium, but finally decided to put him back in. He continued screaming, then suddenly looked at the juice on the counter and said, "Izza?" (which means "What is it?"). I said, "Do you want the juice?", he said yes, took it, and drank it happily.
I will NEVER understand the mind of a two year old!

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muskydave said...

sometimes we just have to scream for 30 minutes or so, I do it all the time.