Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Clothes call

For the past week, I have been slaving in the basement trying to organize all our children's clothes.
We have a TON of kid's clothing.
We could clothe a small country with what we've got down there. I am trying to rebox everything and make sure the labels are correct. Since we are probably not done having children, we can't give everything away yet. I am, however, trying to pare down. If the last couple of kids haven't worn it, or if I just plain don't like it, it is going to Goodwill. I have already filled up 7 boxes for Goodwill, and I'm not quite done yet. It is liberating.
It is a beautiful day (and has been beautiful for the past week). Why again am I doing this now, and not in the middle of January?

1 comment:

ccjmommy said...

I am glad to say that I will be taking some of those boxes off your hands (only to add to the multitude we already have...).