Tuesday, September 2, 2008

A fight to the death?

Tonight, Daddy and the two middle boys were sitting on the family room floor, facing each other, with several plastic dinosaurs between them. After watching them gear up for their activity, I ventured to ask my husband what exactly they were going to play. He replied, "Each boy is going to pick a dinosaur, the dinosaurs are going to fight, and whoever doesn't drop their dinosaur is the winner."

If you haven't met my boys, this kind of a game is a little window into their souls. . . On the up side, the only person to get injured during this spirited game was my husband. Miraculously, the boys survived with little damage.

We got away this weekend, my husband and I, sans children. It was heaven - lounging on the beach, sampling (many!) different wines at some of the local wineries, eating dinner at 10:00 (that's PM, people!). It was hard to come back, although I think the grandparents were ready for a little vacation of their own after a busy weekend with our four kids!

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ccjmommy said...

Glad your weekend was great! Having fun sounds like bliss! I think I remember what "fun" is...