Friday, August 19, 2016

Happiness Is, Part Two

Happiness Is (part two -- part one is here). . .

Climbing into bed when the sheets have just been washed.  There is something glorious about stretching out between the fresh, crisp sheets.  Going to sleep is already one of my absolutely favorite things, and on a clean-sheet night, the joy is multiplied!

Listening to the beat of the basketball on the driveway as my husband and all three sons shoot hoops together.  The laughter, the trash talk, the crazy grunts and unique boy-noises is music to my ears.

Meeting my new little students.  We just finished our first week and I loved getting to know the little ones in my class.  Their sweet, inquisitive personalities will be such fun to watch blossom and grow this year.  I printed all their pictures out for a little project, and as I looked over each one, I smiled and thanked God for the gift they already are in my lives.

Laughing with my family.  Yesterday after dinner our house was loud and crazy (nothing new there!), and we were all laughing together.  I read somewhere that laughing makes you live longer.  I think I increased my life span a bit last night.

Being thankful for the little things.  Yesterday was full of challenges (a stalled van and a lengthy wait for my husband for a tow, a leaky gutter/facia board during our torrential downpours this week, a dryer with a horrific squeaky sound), yet amidst these challenges and frustrations, little glimpses of joy and answered prayers.

A good start to the school year.  My eldest son started high school and seems to be adjusting well.  He is very concerned about getting stellar grades and is working super hard. My youngest daughter started first grade and loves every second of it.  All the kids are well-adjusted and content in their schools and classes, and I am thankful for that.

Texting with my mom, dad and sister all afternoon as my parents organize old pictures.  We've laughed over my poodle hair of the 80s (I resembled our red poodle, Rusty, in many of the pictures), smiled at pictures of my parents as newlyweds, and of my daughter as a baby in the tub.  It was a great walk down memory lane with the people who've known me longer than anyone else.

Watching Shadow freak out.  Ok, maybe it's not happiness exactly, but it was hilarious (and it scared us all too!).  Every time the dishwasher is open, Shadow likes to help himself to a second dinner by licking all the plates and silverware as we load it.  I figure the dishwasher gets super hot so his doggie germs won't cause any harm.  The other day his collar must have gotten caught on the bottom rack during his binge-fest, because when he moved away from the dishwasher, he pulled the entire rack off and onto the floor, causing dishes to go flying and making a terrible racket. He was terrified and it took me a few moments to calm him down.  We all had a good laugh after our blood pressure returned to normal.

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