Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Happiness Is. . .

Picking up my son from basketball at 6 pm and it is NOT DARK, when it has been dark the whole season at that time.  It might snowy and freezing and messy, but it is not fully dark.

The faces of my students.  I simply adore their hugs, smiles, laughter (I have two students who laugh with such joy and mirth that I can't help but join in).  Hearing them sing praises to Jesus and begin to grasp His great love for them. . .glorious!

Telling my daughter that a $100 North Face sweatshirt is insanity, bordering on criminal, and having her agree that it is cray cray, even though she wants one badly!  (For the record, to those of you who think I'm mean and awful for choosing to pay the electric bill instead of paying for one item of clothing for my child, I did offer to pay what I felt was a reasonable amount for a sweatshirt, and she was welcome to fund the rest).

Rock retrieval.  As nap began at school today, I had a student inform me that he had a rock up his nose and could I please get it out?!  With mild panic bubbling up, I continued to remind him not to sniff, don't sniff, don't sniff!  When questioned, he answered (with a logic unique to all three-year-olds) one moment that he didn't stick a rock in his nose, and the next minute, that he did indeed stick one up there at recess. After some moments of envisioning a stressful call to mom and dad and a trip to the ER, our classroom aide was able to get him to blow it out.  Whew!  I've never been so happy to see a snot-encrusted-pebble in my life!

A black doggie named Shadow jumping up to greet us each day as we come home.  His love and excitement makes our homecomings a little more wonderful - and coming home was already a lovely event!

Playing game after game and doing puzzle after puzzle with my little K.  She is tireless with her requests, and each game is followed by a giant hug and proclamation of love, punctuated with kisses.

A nose that is not broken.  What is it with noses today?  I was summoned from my classroom at lunchtime today with the words, "Please come down to the cafeteria and look at A's nose.  We are pretty sure it is not broken, but we want you to check."  Yikes! I power walked down there lickety split, and found my son, seemingly all in one piece.  Apparently two children in a small space moving full speed causes injury.  Who knew!

And finally, Happiness is . . . a warm gun.  That was the first thing I thought of when I wrote the title. I have no idea the lyrics of that song, or what the heck it's about, but I had to include it here.  Gotta love the Beatles!

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