Friday, January 15, 2016

Cry Baby

I seem to have a penchant for blogging about things that make me cry.  I have done so here and here, as well as many other places.  Movies make me cry, songs make me cry. . .basically anything and everything has a good shot at making me fall apart.

I was pondering these two lists above, and decided to make a third list.  I bring to you the ever-important list:

Things That Make Me Cry

My children playing sports and scoring/playing well
Bunnies hopping about the yard
My children doing well in an academic competition
The realization that my children aren't little anymore (this can happen frequently and unexpectedly)
Basically every Disney movie ever made
Christmas morning
Worship services
When my husband tells me I look nice
All videos of soldiers being reunited with their families
Hallmark commercials and last year's Meijer's Christmas commercial
Old photos, videos, notes, and letters from childhood
Hearing the news that someone is pregnant
My grandmother's handwriting

The older I get, the more frequently my tears come to the surface, unbidden.  As you can see by the list, even the sweetest, happiest things cause me to cry.  It's really pretty ridiculous.  I have been thankful for my sunglasses hiding my eyes more than once!  I am 42 now. . .I think in about twenty years or so I will have to stay in my house, away from the general public so as not to humiliate my family! Until then, however, I will continue blinking rapidly and averting my eyes. . .and being sentimental.  I suppose there are worse things to be!

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