Thursday, January 21, 2016

Shadow Tales

Dear reader, I know you have been wondering about Shadow's chewing obsession.  I'm sure you have been lying awake at night, pondering the safety of all small items in our home.  Well, wait no longer!  I am here to tell you that I have found a new way to get Shadow to spit out all the socks and plastic toys he seems to keep chomping on.  We have tried several methods, including  the recorder method, with varied results.  But recently, I discovered something that has worked every time I've tried it.  When he has a sock in his mouth and is playfully pouncing (or crazily darting) around the house, I corner him and tell him to release.  I tell him to show me a good boy (is it obvious I have lots of kids and am a preschool teacher?), rub his neck and the like.  I give him all the chances to make the right choice (re:preschool teacher).  Sometimes he complies, but usually my efforts at positive reinforcement go unheeded.  It is then that I pull out the Big Guns.  I stand up and say, as sadly as possible "Mommy's going bye-bye".  Without fail, he immediately goes slack jawed and drops the naughty item.  Every time.  This dog is so attached to me that apparently playing with a verboten toy/sock is just not worth it if I am going to go away.  And after I tell the Lie, I lean down and convincingly tell him that "you know what?  I have decided to stay home after all.  Mommy doesn't need to go bye-bye".  I don't want to confuse the poor doggie, for goodness sake!  I feel a proper explanation is order when I go back on my word (re: lie).  I'm telling ya - it works.  And while I am, every other moment of the day, incredibly honest, these stressful moments with Shadow call for extreme measure.  A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do to save all the socks in the house.

And another little Shadow tidbit:  When we get home from school etc., sometimes it takes me awhile to get everything out of the burb and into the house, causing Shadow to be very concerned about my arrival time.  My little K is known to yell, with much conviction, "MOMMY!  Come inside!  Shadow needs your loooove!!!"

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Henry Nelson said...

You make my day with your super well written blogs. I'm so glad you got thing under control with Shadow because he seems like a very nice dog and I'm so glad he is an important part of your family.