Sunday, January 10, 2016

Bits and Pieces #9

Sigh.  Blogging in bullet form is all I can seem to pull off these days.  Life doesn't seem to be affording me much time for blogging, so here are a few random thoughts, allowed because I am using bullet points.

  • Husband to son:  Do you like the dark side or the light side more?
    • Son:  The dark side - it's easier.  It's not that I like the dark side more, it's just that I get so angry!
    • Husband:  You ned to control your anger like the Jedi.
    • Son:  But that's called parenting!

  • The other day in the car, the older kids were talking about which woman should be placed on our currency.  Harriet Tubman was mentioned, and a few other admirable choices.  From the backseat, a sweet little voice piped up: "I think it should be you, Mommy!"  Yes.  I agree.  My many accomplishments absolutely warrant my face on our bills.  Accomplishments such as, but not limited to, wiping poopy bottoms, breaking up sibling rivalry, surviving on little to no sleep and preparing countless (under appreciated) meals.  

  • My youngest daughter has become quite the drama queen of late.  When a situation seems to be just too much, she throws her head back with her hand on her forehead as if she is going to faint and says theatrically, "I'm demonstated!"  I'm pretty sure she means devastated, but who am I to correct a budding actress? And also - she's my last child to say things in kid-speak.  I never want it to end!

  • One of the kids was telling me about a dream he had the other day.  "So there was a bunny that was jumping across the yard, mom, and I knew that bunnies make you happy.  It was great!  But then Shadow jumped on the bunny and ate it.  That was the end of the dream."

  • Can I just say that the phrase "life hacks" annoys the heck out of me?  What exactly are we hacking here?  Can we not just say "helpful tips"?  Or "great ideas"?  Or "useful information"?  Why on earth are they hacks?? What does that even mean?  It's like nails on a chalkboard to me.  No one is hacking anything, people.  They're just telling you how to creatively use baking soda.  That's all.  

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