Sunday, May 26, 2013

Sunday Musings

All the kids are outside playing (and one is not home), my husband is outside doing odd jobs to keep our humble abode looking its best. . .and I am inside, doing my normal Sunday chores.  I've been working on the laundry (since tomorrow will be too busy), and dinner, grocery list, calendar etc.  I also decided to pick up the few kids' toys that were scattered instead of calling the kids in to do it.  I was enjoying the quiet too much to disrupt it, even if it is their job.

After I got all the toys up, I was momentarily distracted by a Facebook notification, and scanned through the updates for a moment.  And I saw a picture of someone's living room.  Someone's toy-free, random-shoe-free, backpack-free, guitar-free, Wii-accessory-free and library-book-free living room.

I thought to myself - someday that will be my family room!  Someday I won't be constantly nagging the kids to pick up their stuff, or picking it up for them, because it won't be here!  When the kids were all very little, one of my favorite mantras was "the days are long, but the years are short".  The years are passing by - so quickly!  Next year is my oldest's last year in our parochial grade school, and this year, my fourth little one graduated from kindergarten.  At his program, I had a flash forward of him graduating from college.  I am afraid in the blink of an eye that day will be upon me.

Lord, help me slow down and enjoy all these all-too-fleeting days.  Thank you for the gift of these children, this husband, this life.  Help me never forget all you have given me.

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