Tuesday, May 28, 2013

No one ever said it would be easy

PG-13 movies +  boys of varying ages who want to watch some of them  +  parents who think the ones in question (Iron Man trilogy) are too violent  =  disappointed boys

Sigh.  We had to have the talk with the boys about Iron Man in particular tonight, but parental discretion in general.  One boy was especially distressed that he could not watch these movies (and if you know my boys, you may not necessarily pick the correct boy in this scenario).  We read the reviews and found they were terribly violent.  Innocent people killed in terrorist-type situations, people being tortured, high body counts. . .are we alone in thinking this isn't appropriate for our young boys?

Why, oh why, must Hollywood make movies about super heroes that young boys would be interested in, just to make them inappropriate?

After much discussion during which we tried to explain our position to the one persistent boy, he seemed to relent and even understand to a degree.  We had to remind them that we will often have to make decisions for their own good that they will not enjoy.  I told the boys later that this is only the beginning - they may be in the unpopular minority often when it comes to what is allowed and what isn't.  We aren't looking to be cool parents.  To be our kids' friends or to let them do something "because everyone else is".  We have to do everything we possibly can to raise Godly young men (and women), who know right from wrong and stand firm in what they believe is right.

And you know what?  It's hard.  It feels like we are making mistakes left and right.  But still we pray and try to stay vigilant.  Teaching our kids to be in the world but not of the world.  Praise God we are not alone in this task - He is with us at every (challenging) turn.

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