Tuesday, May 14, 2013

A day in the life

My day thus far has consisted of the following, in no particular order:

  • 10 minutes of running on the treadmill.  10!  If you've followed my fitness journey, you will understand my serious excitement about this number.  It's sad, I know.  But it made me so happy!
  • Lunch with a dear friend and thought-provoking, heartfelt conversation.
  • Listening to my son and his neighbor friend playing "manufacturing".  This is the basketball game of "horse" but with a longer, more challenging spelling word.  Spelling and physical activity!  Pinterest ain't got nuthin' on my boy's imagination!
  • Various chores and household errands, including, but not limited to:  cleaning the bathroom, making dinner, grocery shopping, putting yesterday's laundry away, dishes, trip to the library. . .you get the idea.  Boresville.
  • Listening to the boys and little K make a music video to TobyMac songs.  Lots of crazy and loud and singing from the living room.
  • Found a naked Baby Alive doll in my dish drainer.
  • Shopping at Aldi to find they had rearranged the store's layout.  Extra brainpower was required, since I write items on my list in the order they are in the store.
  • Convincing a boy that he does, indeed, need a shower, since he is actually dripping with sweat, and no, no a little face washing isn't gonna cut it.
And it's only 7:46!  Who knows what else the day has in store?  I'm hoping for some quiet soon and perhaps a glass of wine. . .

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