Monday, May 13, 2013

Necessity is the Mother of Invention

We gave all the kids electric toothbrushes for Christmas this year (we're fun like that!).  The kids were all happy to have them and they have made brushing more fun and exciting (was it fun before? is it even possible to have fun brushing one's teeth?).

However, storing them was a disaster.  They were constantly getting knocked onto the floor, in the sink, dripping all over the counter. . .you get the idea.  I looked online for electric toothbrush holders, and they were a wee bit expensive when one has to buy a holder that will accommodate five hefty brushes.  So I put my thinking cap on.

And came up with this:

And I have to tell you, dear reader, that I am inordinately pleased with myself.  Every time I walk by this bathroom (which is in serious need of a total overhaul and my least favorite room in the house), I feel a little better about it.  No toothbrushes strewn across the toothpaste-caked countertop.  At least a small part of this less-than-lovely bathroom looks clean and organized.  And it makes me happy. 

I got the idea from the boys' primary science kit.  It has a two-slot test-tube holder included which I thought would work perfectly.  Except we have five kids.  So I went to the teacher supply store with my $10 off coupon in hand (this is me, remember!) and lo and behold, this item of beauty awaited me.  For $15.99.  Subtract my coupon and it was mine for $6.  Yippee!

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