Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Things A Five Year Old Would Say

Do you remember the show $25,000 Pyramid?  (Or in later years, $100,00 Pyramid - inflation, you know.)  Do you remember the final round, where the contestant and his or her celebrity partner went for the Big Money?  I do, because I loved that show.  And there was always a category called "Things A _________ Would Say".  Below, thanks to my resident five year old, our take on the category.

"Can dogs read?"

"Who is gonna be the last person to die?"

"Can people live underwater?"

"Mom - I made up a song about God.  'God is the best!  The number one best!'"

"Mommy!  I know you're so glad you have me!"  Yes, I say.  "Because if you don't want to clean up, I will!"

"Was there trash when Jesus lived?"  Yes, I say.  "Wow!"

"Dad?  Do skyscrapers really scrape the sky?"

My celebrity partner (Nipsey Russell) and I would have aced this one right away.  Dick Clark would have been impressed.

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