Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Some interesting news (or not)

I realized I haven't blogged in awhile, so I sat down to fill you all in with some incredibly interesting tidbit from our family.

I got nothin'.

Life's crazy over here, but nothing seems too blog-worthy. I'll settle with a mini-update on our lives. Hope you don't fall asleep.

My oldest daughter is involved in a production of The Jungle Book in our community theater. She is a bear, and gets to sing and dance several songs. The practices are taking over our lives, but it's been worth it. She loves it and can't wait for the performances this weekend. After Jungle Book is over, lest we have a moment to catch our breath, the next weekend is Annie tryouts. She is super pumped about trying out for that one, and I must admit I am excited as well. When Annie came out in the 80s, I (not so) secretly thought that I should have been cast as Annie (red hair. . .). Perhaps I will live vicariously through my daughter in the coming months. . .

My older two boys are playing soccer at the Y. They are having a lot of fun, and we are enjoying watching them learn the game. My 9 year old is pretty aggressive, and my 6 year old is pretty silly. Either way, they're both having a ball.

I just finished the switch of kids' clothes from summer to winter.

Dear reader, are you still awake? This post is actually boring me! I think I will end now, lest you drool on your keyboard. Hopefully some sort of bloggy inspiration will hit me in the near future.

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Heidi said...

Last time I blogged that there wasn't much going on in our world, Paige broke her arm.
So, be careful what you wish for :O)