Thursday, September 9, 2010

Sleep aid

I recently discovered this wonderful CD of Bible passages set to music. I bought it for our house and for a friend's new baby.

It is amazing.

I have been playing it for my all-boys-room at bedtime. Bedtime used to consist of me tucking them in, telling them to stay in their beds, me walking out. Several minutes later, I would hear banging, jumping, fighting, laughing. They were just having trouble winding down.

Enter this CD.

I can't say they are perfect (well, I could, but you would know I'm lying), but the bedtime routine has greatly improved. They may talk a bit, but for the most part they just lay right down and listen to the soothing music.

Click on the link- they have samples to listen to. I highly recommend it!

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brumgirl said...

Hey Shell, have you checked out the Odyssey CD series? our kids love them!