Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Non-Labor Day

This past weekend, my husband and I went north for four and a half days. Our weekend had very little "labor" in it. . .this is the extent of our hard work:

- sleeping in late
- tasting oh-so-many-wines
- eating gourmet dinners
- viewing a magnificent sand dune in the gusting wind (this actually was a bit laborious!)
- napping
- lounging on the beach
- shopping (oh the horrors!)

We did have to set up the camper and deal with some rain and cold temperatures. But camping without children is amazingly simple and relaxing! Our parents watched the children over the weekend, and we are very grateful. It was fabulous to relax together, to finish our sentences, to talk about things other than schedules and poop.

We got in late Monday afternoon, and hit the ground running. It was wonderful to see the kids again, but all the work and chores. . .our campsite is calling my name. . .

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