Friday, May 7, 2010

You gotta have friends. . .

Wednesday, I hit the wall. Hard.

I had spent the night before giving my 3 year old son nebulizer treatments every three hours, in an attempt to keep him out of the hospital. I "slept" with him (in quotes, because there wasn't much sleeping going on while I was kicked and whacked all night), and was awakened by him in the morning telling me to get out of his bed or he would kick me in the head.

The day proceeded in much the same fashion. Nebulizer treatments, doctor visit, hysterical tantrums at every turn, a baby whose two naps totaled 55 minutes, and one tired mommy. By one o'clock I had had it.

By the time my husband got home, I was exhausted, grouchy and not much fun to be around.

As I relayed Wednesday's events (and my inability to take it all in stride) to a couple of friends, my sister and my husband, I was reminded why each of these people is so important to me. As I grumbled about my failure to have it all together when life was tough, each one listened to me and let me vent. No one looked at me in shock and said "I never lose my temper with my kids!", or "What is the matter with you?" They hugged me, said they loved me, and told me they would pray for me.

Thursday was much better, due to more sleep and fewer tantrums. But most importantly, it was better due to friends who listen without judging and who love me through the tough times.

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ccjmommy said...

Oh, Shelley. I am reading up on all your old posts (I have gotten behind) and I remember this day quite clearly. I hope you always call me when you hit the wall. I always feel better when I talk to you about things...I am SO glad to know you do too. Be strong and courageous, sis! You're awesome!