Thursday, September 10, 2015

Twenty Years!

September 8, 1995:  My handsome fiancé took me out to dinner at a fabulous Italian place, and afterward got down on one knee, held out a beautiful ring, and asked me to be his wife.  I grinned madly, probably teared up, hugged him tightly, then remembered to answer.  It seemed too crazy to even have to answer such a question.  Of course I would marry him!  Of course I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him!  Of course, of course, of course! It was a resounding yes!!

September 8, 2015:  My handsome husband and I were driving home from a very long weekend away.  We were rejuvenated and rested and ready to head back into real life (which was going to hit us hard in the form of several commitments the moment we walked in the door).

20 years makes quite a difference!  What an adventure it has been - this marriage, this life!  Almost twenty years of wedded bliss with this man.  I look that back on the girl I was that day and smile.  I was so excited for all that was in front of me.  And here I am now - and so many of those dreams I had have been realized in full. . .a rich marriage, a comfortable home, five beautiful children, a wonderful church family, a rewarding teaching job - God's blessings are immense!

When that young girl said yes (eventually!) to that handsome young man, she had no idea really what was in store for her.  She had no idea that her husband would join her on such an amazing journey.  That he would encourage her to try new things, to be more adventurous.  She had no idea just how fulfilling sharing her life with him would be - parenting, ministry, family life.

September 8, 2045:  I hope on the 50th anniversary of our engagement we are still enjoying our adventure together.  I pray we will be surrounded by our family, which will have grown with sons- and daughters-in-law and many, many grandchildren.  Perhaps I'll think back to the young girl I was in 1995, and all the stages in between and smile.  And then I pray I'll hold the hand of my handsome husband and enjoy the adventure still ahead of us.

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