Friday, August 21, 2015

The Week in Review

Today marks the end of the first week of school, and man am I tired!  I only worked two of the four school days, but I still feel rather like I've been hit by a mack truck.  Our last two weeks have been pretty crazy - one child was pretty sick, another had a procedure and is recovering, my husband was out of town, and we had a revolving door of grandparents in our house (that part didn't exhaust me - that part was awesome, and helped tremendously!).  But all in all, we've had two weeks of cray to the cray.  And I'm feeling it!

I just finished feeding my children the dinner of champions (brace yourself, health nuts): fish sticks, corn dog nuggets, tator tots and french fries - oh and also apple slices to ease my guilty conscience. And then I made the mistake of sitting down to eat my own (slightly healthier) dinner, and now I don't want to get up.  After sitting a moment or two, I began reviewing the week.

I have an oh-so-lovely class of three-year-olds.  They have been quick to listen and learn routines, and have each been able to tell me how much Jesus loves them!  I can't wait to get to know them all better as the year progresses.  I also have some opportunities this year to work with the four-year-old preschoolers, many of whom I had last year.  What a joy to be able to work with them again!  Their smiles and hugs made Wednesday so sweet - I am blessed!

My eldest child is a sophomore in high school.  How that is humanly possibly is truly a mystery, because about ten minutes ago, I was in high school!  But here we are, and I am the mother of a fifteen-year-old sophomore.  A smart, funny, loving sophomore - and I am blessed!

My eldest son is almost fourteen and in eighth grade.  He has grown so tall so quickly and now if I see him out of the corner of my eye, I can't be sure if he is my son or my husband.  He makes me laugh, is becoming so helpful with his siblings, and takes his school work so seriously - I am blessed!

My monkey in the middle is an eleven-year-old fifth grader.  He is on crutches for a few weeks and wows me daily with his perseverance, positive attitude, and determination.  He inspires those around him, myself included - I am blessed!

My youngest dude is nine and in third grade.  He takes the world by storm with his passion for wildlife, Sonic, and the White Sox.  He is a white-haired dynamo and he makes his daddy and me laugh all the time (often while we are disciplining him!).  I am blessed!

And finally, my sweet little K is not so little anymore!  She is a six-year-old kindergartener, and I can't believe how old she looks in her school uniform!  She lost two teeth this week and has aged about 3 years in 3 days.  She is in love with kindergarten and asks daily when she will learn how to read - I am blessed!

What a week!  A week full of changes and crazy and challenges and joy.  And also laundry (massive amounts of khaki pants with all five in uniforms this year!). I am so grateful for this often exhausting, but ever beautiful life God has given me.

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