Monday, June 16, 2014


We do a Bible story, prayers and blessings together with the four youngest kids each night.  Often, it is a focused time and the kids are really listening and intently praying.  Other times. . .not so much.  A few recent prayer-time moments:

One of my older children was praying that the Russian takeover of the Ukraine (how on EARTH he knew about this is a mystery, since my current events knowledge is abysmal) would stop.  My youngest son leaned into me and whispered, quite seriously, "But I want Russia to take over!"  I'm guessing he also has no idea what is happening in Russia, but for some reason, he's really pulling for Russia here.

Another night, someone was praying and said "Everybody. . ." and then paused to finish his thought.  Without missing a beat, my youngest son (him again!), stage whispered into my ear  ". . .dance now!"

And yet another night, someone was in the midst of earnest prayer, only to be interrupted by (you guessed it!) my youngest son's Burping Pumbaa stuffed animal.  During the child's prayer, we suddenly hear "Slimy, yet satisfying!"

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