Thursday, May 15, 2014

Super Important Stuff

A few little snippets of Super Important Stuff:

All my kids' birthdays are in the spring/summer/fall, causing me to need to schedule all their well visits in the summer sometime.  My doctor prefers (as do I), that I take them one at a time so each one can get individualized attention.  I called the office the other day to schedule them all.  I was very proud of myself that I rattled off all of their birthdays with no hesitation.  Even the three June/July ones didn't trip me up!  Go me!  After about 20 minutes, the scheduling process was over and we hung up.  I'm sure the office just loooooves when I call.

I only buy a certain number of juice cartons per week. The kids are allowed juice with breakfast and a cup with snack after school.  The children would prefer to drink juice every time a drink was needed, or actually, just get an IV drip and be done with it.  So I must constantly monitor everyone's juice intake - hey, it's a super fun, and it's not like I have anything else to do!  One of my children suggested I buy five juice containers per week and label them for each child, and when you run out, the gig's up.  It's actually not a bad idea, except we wouldn't have space for any actual food in our fridge if I did that.  And since our garage fridge bit the dust and we are flying solo, I guess we're gonna have to keep on sharing.  Life's tough in the big city.

Overheard last weekend on the way to church:  "My favorite part about church is. . .Sunday school and donuts!" Of course!

My older three children rotate turns in the front seat of the suburban, and therefore control over the radio (of course I had to explain that the driver always has ultimate veto powers, which I often exercise).  So each week we get a vastly different music genre.  80s, The Blend, Billy Joel Channel, The Message, Kidz Bop, . . .it kinda makes my head spin.

I have noticed that I am spending more and more time in front of my four year's closet trying to steer her toward more conservative clothing options.  (After pondering this, I remembered that she has always had fashion opinions, as blogged about here.)  In fact, I am spending more time in front of her closet than I am spending in front of my own.  You can deduce what you will from that.

One of my children marched up to the computer today and said "Can I google the world's biggest butt?"

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