Sunday, May 11, 2014

Mamma's Day!

My son made me a beautiful corsage for Mother's Day.  He was very excited for me to wear it all the time, most especially to church this morning.  I happily obliged.  Here is my arm, sporting it:

As you can see, it is not exactly diminutive.  I am one who prefers to blend in a bit and not call attention to myself, so it was a bit louder than my usual taste calls for.  But this beautiful corsage got lots of compliments, and my son was ever so thrilled that I was wearing it.  And that made me so happy.

We just had dinner at my favorite Mexican restaurant, a rare treat these days (a sit-down dinner for seven isn't often included in the Freedom Budget).  The food was fabulous, as was the conversation.  My husband prompted the kids to say what they appreciate or like about me, and he also contributed.  What lovely things I heard (and also some weird things too, I gotta admit) from everyone.  It was both humbling and encouraging.

And now bedtime and showers and Bible story and teeth-brushing.  What a privilege to be a mother to these children! 

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