Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Carrot Top

I recently read an article full of interesting little-known facts about redheads.  Being a redhead, I found it most interesting.  And since I read it on the internet, it must be true.  Among the "facts" I found are these:

Redheads have less hair on their heads.   I find this incredibly hard to believe in my case.  I have enough hair for 5 people, and I would be willing to share, especially in the hot summer months.  In the winter, it is rather like wearing a hat all the time, which is actually rather helpful.

Redheads don't go gray.  LIE.  I am already getting streaks, far before my time, being that I am only 40 years young.  I am not sure what to do about these errant grays, either, having never dyed or highlighted my hair.  So far, I plan to leave them alone until I am driven to a point of action.  Or perhaps I will not be, and will embrace my age gracefully.

Red hair and blue eyes is the rarest combination in the world (1%!).  Okay, this is me.  And my best friend from high school.  And, according to my FB feed when I posted this quiz, several other of my FB friends.  SO - either I am drawn to other amazingly rare people by some strong magnetic force, or perhaps it is not as rare as the article indicates.  I did suggest to my husband that I have not been treated heretofore as the rare creature that my DNA dictates.

They're more sensitive to thermal pain.  I'm not exactly sure what encompasses thermal pain, but I can tell you that I have a low pain tolerance.  Or I'm just a wienie.  But I know that when I mentioned this one to my husband, he started nodding and rolling his eyes.

This article, written in the UK, also referred to redheads as gingers.  I can't exactly tell you why, but I really dislike that term.  Don't question me - I am a rare creature, prone to erratic opinions and feelings.

A couple of interesting facts I have observed about redheads over the years:

They cannot wear the color red well.  Or yellow or burgundy.

We will be extinct by the year 2060, per my one of my children.

We have a certain affinity for Annie and Anne of Green Gables.  Well, that might just be me.  I dearly thought I should have been cast as Annie in the 1980s movie, and I was a certain kindred spirit with Anne Shirley.

And, according to my beloved grandma, circa 1985, we have designer genes.

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