Wednesday, February 26, 2014

A Rose By Any Other Name

My children take great pleasure in changing the settings on my iPhone. I frequently find my screen's wallpaper changed (to a pic of the child in question of course), icons moved around to suit the current user, my ringtones reset to annoying tunes. . .you get the idea.

But their favorite pastime, the piece de resistance, is changing Siri's nickname for me.  I have been called a variety of names, but the last two take the cake.  First, my eldest daughter changed it to Poupee, which cracked me up every time I saw it.  We took to giving it a French pronunciation and accent whenever we used it in casual conversation (which of course we did often).  But a few weeks ago, my middle son changed my nickname to I like pooping.  I'll tell you what, I couldn't change it.  Because every time I saw an email thread referencing me as I like pooping, it made me laugh.  A lot.  And really, who doesn't like pooping?

But today I was talking to Siri and asking her to text someone, and she said to me "Thank you, I like pooping, I'll make a note of it!" It caught me off guard and I found it most comical.

I can't quite bring myself to change it.  Every time I see it (or hear it), I smile and think of my silly son.

**And now, since the children are reading over my shoulder, they have changed it again.  I should probably have stricter rules about who is allowed to touch that thing.**

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