Thursday, January 9, 2014

Thursday lineup

The kids went back to school today now that Snowmageddon has (mostly) passed us.

So little K and I:

ran about a bazillion errands

endured horribly cold temps (in the teens - what, you say?  I'm a wimp?  Yes, yes I am.)

enjoyed a chick-fil-a lunch (but not the rude gesture given me by a passing driver as I edged out to see past an enormous snow pile.  I was quite taken aback by it.)

slid a bit on the still much-covered snowy road

persevered through the SQUEAKIEST cart known to mankind at Meijer (I had conversations about it on practically every aisle with annoyed shoppers.  I, too, detested it, but had already committed to it and didn't want to waste time going up and changing it out.  So I busted my rear and got the heck out of dodge as fast as I could.  It was a horrible racket.)

got some fab deals at Target (humor me - 10 smart ones, a pair of men's khakis, two hanging organizers and four over-the-door hooks for $23!  That is less than the pair of pants would have cost originally!  Score!)

ran into an old friend who always makes me laugh and enjoyed catching up before we had to part ways to fetch our little darlings

And let me tell you, dear reader, it felt mighty good, mighty good indeed to emerge from this here house.  Fresh air!  Driving a car!  Retail therapy!  All good stuff (except for the mean driver part).  I enjoyed being with my children those extra days, truly I did.  But it was also very good to be out and about again, I cannot tell a lie.

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