Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rainy days and Thursdays. . .

Rainy, rainy Halloween here this year.  All day it has drizzled and sprinkled and misted.  And I had to run errands rapido because the kids got out of school at one o'clock today.  So little K and I were in and out, in and out of many a store in less-than-stellar shopping conditions.

And quicker than you could say bad hair day, my hair looked as if I had stuck my finger in a light socket.  It was crazy large, frizzy and wavy.  I had skimped on the straightening time this morning, though it wouldn't have mattered.  The humidity would have made quick work of my efforts anyway.  I began entering doorways sideways.  I think I could have easily starred in a horror movie.

Now we're home and we're into day one of token usage.  So far I have removed two tokens from naughty boys. . .but the day is still young.  My hair is back in a (giant) ponytail and I am getting ready to get down to business.  The business of dressing children in Halloween costumes to go beg for candy from the neighbors.  We will be debuting a garden gnome, a Pokemon trainer (in a costume I find rather lacking), a football player and some sort of Kingdom Hearts character.  My oldest is hanging out with a friend, because soliciting neighbors for candy feels a bit too juvenile for a 13 year old.  We are planning to use umbrellas to ward off the deluge and then just hope for the best.  It's warm, the kids are young, and hey - free candy is taking a bit more effort this year.  

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