Thursday, September 12, 2013

Things a five year old would say (seven year old version)

About a year ago,  I blogged about one of my favorite childhood game shows (and there were many!), $25,000 Pyramid!  Do you remember it?  It was fab - Dick Clark led celebrities paired up with "normal" people to the winner's circle, where they could go for the Big Money.  It was game show heaven to a certain redheaded 11 year old.  As I blogged last time, there was a category called "Things a __________ Would Say".  Below, my take on the category, with many thanks to my seven year old for his creativity.

"This might come out of my butt you know!  Eventually it will." (said with a shrug)

"It's spicy. . . (mouth full). . .and delicious!"

Waitress:  "You have some blond hair!"  Seven year old: "It's like the whitest in the world I think!"

"If poop never comes out, will you die?"

"Sugar Rush is offensive to Jesus!"  Why?  "Because there was no candy in Jesus' time!"

Don't change that channel!  Give him another year and I bet we'll be back in the winner's circle!

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