Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Precious Moments

Feel drawn to savor moments today:

An unexpected quiet conversation with my husband this afternoon in the school parking lot.  Nothing earth shattering discussed, but was not expecting to see him and was pleasantly surprised to catch a moment to ourselves to talk about our day together.

Playing with my youngest daughter this morning.  Tossing her around on the bed, tickling her tummy and giving her kisses.  Saying more than once today, "I love you, sweet girl!"

Having a rare moment of quiet and introspection with my eldest son on the way home from his soccer game (at which he scored the only goal!).  Hearing his take on "war games" and bad language - love his black and white approach to what is right and pure.  Praying it stays with him as the years make it more challenging.

Laughing hysterically with my eldest daughter as she procrastinated bedtime for the 603rd night in a row.  Loving our relationship as she ages and it deepens.

Being hugged by my 9 year old son just before bedtime and hearing him tell me how much me loves me, and I him.

And coming to the soccer game late and scanning the playground for my youngest son.  He saw me and came flying over, a white-haired, gap-toothed dynamo, arms wild, and crashed into my belly in a huge hug.  

Precious moments, indeed.

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