Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Musings at the foot of the cross

Today while waiting for my children to get out of school, my little three year old and I sat in the office. Soon she was looking at the brochure about our church and school, which had a picture of Jesus on the cross.  She spent several seconds looking at the picture thoughtfully, then --

"Mommy, why does Jesus have blood?  Why does he have owies?"

"Jesus needs a bandaid, Mommy!"

"Is he all better now?"

"Poor Jesus!"

"I am here for you, Jesus!"

"Jesus is in my heart, Mommy."

I answered as best I could, in terms she could understand, but truly, I was more caught up in just listening to her faith, growing by leaps and bounds.  She gets it - at age three, that Jesus loves her and lives in her heart.  


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