Sunday, February 19, 2012

Worship musings

I was able to sing this morning with our worship team, a luxury I don't often get to enjoy. It was last minute - I was filling in for another singer who had strep. After a few rapid texts, I got all the younger children farmed out to sit with friends and got a sub to fill in for me for nursery duty.

While it didn't go exactly smoothly (after communion I spotted my older two children trying to corral my youngest while she attempted to scale the bleachers), for the most part, it was a success! Singing with the choir or worship team brings me such joy! I am so thankful to those who helped me this morning.

On a normal Sunday, I am in the back row, keeping the kids in line. I have a bulletin in one hand and a child in the other. I am instructing, reprimanding, singing, listening, redirecting, usually with my head half bent down. While I participate the best I can, it isn't a full worship experience. During this season of life, our children's faith formation is the highest priority.

But today, I was able to participate fully. As I worshiped, sang, prayed, listened and communed, my heart was full. I looked out at the congregation from my vantage point up front and I thanked God for this family of faith. These brothers and sisters in Christ have blessed us so richly these past many years.

I smiled as I sang - in part because my daughter was a runaway in the back and there was nothing I could do about it, and in part because my heart was singing with love for these people of God in this place.

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