Sunday, February 26, 2012

Can you say. . ."Sucker!"

So the other day I was sorting through the mail, in my favorite position to do so, over the trash can. After tossing several pieces of junk, my hand was poised over the trash can to drop the next offender in, when I paused and looked at it more carefully.

It was a flyer from a local car dealership, with one of those little scratch off circles to see if you've won something. I decided to scratch it off just to see. Lo and behold, the interior pages assured me that yes, yes indeed, I was a WINNER! A winner, I tell you! I had won one of the following: 1) A new Ford Focus 2) A flat screen TV 3) Up to $1,000 4) A $25 Walmart gift card. I called my husband over to see if there was any fine print I was missing. He saw none. I thought wow - a $25 Walmart gift card is worth a little effort, right?? Wanting to be sure, I called the dealership to verify that I was a winner. After reading her my number, she assured me I was a winner, and I just needed to come in and collect my prize. Her word for the whole process was "painless".

I was able to go by myself to the dealership (a small miracle) and found "painless" to be a bit incorrect. I had to meet with a salesman, who was very nice, and give him my address, make and year of our current cars, name of my firstborn, you get the idea.

After about 10 minutes of small talk, he leaned over and said, somewhat apologetically, "You are a winner. You have won $2."


Apparently the category "Up to $1,000" is a nice little way to include every other monetary option lower than the $25 Walmart gift card.


Jenny said...

This really infuriates me, because I think of how precious your time is, and how you had that time to yourself, and you get $2 for it? Really, people. Sorry it was such a letdown!

mammamilk said...

Oh, thank you Jenny! It made me smile that you were so righteously indignant on my part! :) It was frustrating, but live and learn! :)

Victoria M said...

Oh my gosh do they really think doing something like that will get them more business?? I would have told them just that :( and maybe a bit more! Easy2Save