Thursday, February 23, 2012

Me and my (littlest) girl

My dear readers, I must shout this to the blogosphere:


I feel compelled to blog about this, because today my love is overflowing for my youngest child (and also because I have posted about many a trying moment with this same child).

Spending the days with this sweet girl gives me joy. She walks around saying things like "I like you, Mommy!" and "I'm your preh-shus guhl!" and "I'm your punkin pie!". I recently got her a princess pillowcase and as I put it on her bed, she said, "I love it Mommy! It's so beautiful! Thank you so much!"

I registered her for school next year. Two mornings a week. This will be the first time in 12.5 years of parenting that I will have all the children in school at the same time. Two mornings a week when I will be on my own. As in, alone. After 12 years, you grow rather used to having little people around! That being said, I know it will be nice to have some time to run errands and clean the house without "help"!

But - this morning as I kissed my baby's cheeks, I felt a bit sad for those two mornings next year. I will miss her for those six hours a week, as I have missed all of my children when they began venturing out of the nest. But it is time, and she will be ready.

I hope I will be too!


Rebecca said...

These are my exact feelings about my 3 year old who will also be gone 2 mornings a week next year. I keep telling her to stop growing. I try not to think about it often for fear it will put me into a depression. I'm sure I will enjoy it, too, but at this moment it doesn't seem like much fun.

mammamilk said...

I know Rebecca - it's definitely bittersweet!

heidi said...

She, along with your other 4, are precious and we always look forward to spending time with them.

mammamilk said...

Thanks, Heidar! We feel the same about yours!!